Saturday, April 7, 2007

Ms Ferrara and Mr and Mrs Hayes

THANK YOU for looking after our children! Sounds like they are having a great time! What an experience for them! It must get a bit tiring after a while, but I suppose you will catch up on sleep when you get home. Thinking of you! Marg Quinn

David Q

Hi there! Shirl has been doing some more tutoring with me. Now I can type my message to you.
Today was sunny, a beautiful day!!!! My roses are doing well! Im listening to the radio hopeing to hear from you or someone on tour. I know you cant get to talk on the radio everyday, but Im here.
I rang nana at the restaurant - u can ring her! sue will tell you where she is, or u could post a card, if u wish, your choice. I know u wanted to do something! Have a great time, enjoy every minute!!!!!! Love mum